Financial Advisory

Professional Advisory

Professional financial advisory service providers like individual domestic consultants or large multi-national organizations offer individuals and businesses a wide portfolio of services including investment due diligence, Merger & Acquisition advisory, valuation, real-estate consulting, risk consulting, taxation consulting. 

 Wealth Management

Financial services offered within this segment include managing and investing customers’ wealth across various financial instruments like debt, equity, mutual funds, insurance products, derivatives, structured products, commodities, and real estate, based on the clients’ financial goals, risk profile, and time horizons. 

Tax/Audit Consulting

This segment includes a large portfolio of financial services within the tax and auditing domain. This services domain can be as follows:

-Tax – Individual (determining tax liability, filing tax returns, tax-savings advisory, etc.)

-Tax – Business (determining tax liability, transfer pricing analysis and structuring, tax compliance advisory, etc.)

In the auditing segment, service providers offer solutions including internal audits, tax audits, process/transaction audits, risk audits, stock audits, etc. These services are essential for ensuring the smooth operation of business entities from a qualitative and quantitative perspective, as well as mitigating risk. You can read more about taxation in India.

Capital Restructuring 

The types of financial solutions in this segment typically include structured transactions, lender negotiations, accelerated Merger and Acquisition, and capital raising. Businesses are offered services like restructuring of capital structure (debt and equity) to bolster profitability or respond to crises such as bankruptcy, volatile markets, liquidity crunch, or hostile takeovers. 

Portfolio Management 

This segment includes a highly specialized and customized range of solutions wherein portfolio managers analyze and optimize investments for clients across a wide range of assets (debt, equity, insurance, real estate, etc.) that enables them to reach their financial goals.

Treasury/Debt Instruments

Services offered in this segment include investments into government and private organization bonds (debt). The types of instruments in this segment include listed bonds, non-convertible debentures, capital-gain bonds, tax-free bonds, etc. The issuer of the bonds (borrower) offers fixed payments (interest) and principal repayment to the investor at the end of the investment period.