Entrepreneurship Development Program

- KlientScape Business Development

In a bid to promote the new 'Entrepreneurship Development Program,' KlientScape is looking for Entrepreneurs to submit their ideas for a new venture. KlientScape will study the ideas and provide upto Nrs. 2,000,000.00 (Two Million) as capital along with other techincal resources, should it meet an Internal Criteria set by KlientScape. 

Applicants are required to include Total Expected Capital  Requirement, Expected Income & Expense, Expected number of Skilled and Unskilled workforce, along with detailed operational plans and required partnership arrangements. Applicants are also required to outline the areas in which they would require KlientScape's Assistance, and how they would utilize the capital fund provided to them.   

Interested applicants should submit their proposal to KlientScape at info@klientscape.com by 20th August, with the subject header as "Proposal for Entrepreneurship Program."