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Worldwide IAB ranking 2017

KlientScape is proud to announce the new ranking of IAB for 2017 in accordance to their fee. SFAI has leapfrogged itself to 17th largest company in its field with revenues of USD 487.5 million last year.  SFAI is the fastest growing company of the 30 companies that were ranked by IAB with an impressive 142% growth rate. The next company with the highest growth rate belongs to the 30th ranked Kudos International with 30% growth rate.  Deloitte holds the 1st position for the second sucessive year with revenues of USD 36.8 Billion, marginally beating PwC for the second year with r...

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Entrepreneurship Development Program

KlientScape Business Development

In a bid to promote the new 'Entrepreneurship Development Program,' KlientScape is looking for Entrepreneurs to submit their ideas for a new venture. KlientScape will study the ideas and provide upto Nrs. 2,000,000.00 (Two Million) as capital along with other techincal resources, should it meet an Internal Criteria set by KlientScape.  Applicants are required to include Total Expected Capital  Requirement, Expected Income & Expense, Expected number of Skilled and Unskilled workforce, along with detailed operational plans and required partnership arrangem...

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Tech after Brexit: Where do we go from here?

What does it mean to tech companies and workers now the UK has voted to leave the EU?

Certainly, few executives in the tech industry were in favour of leaving: a March poll of British tech bosses found that 70 percent support remaining in the EU, while only 15 percent thought leaving the EU was the right idea. ...

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