Things you need to know before buying a powerbank : Buy Powerbanks in Nepal.

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Mobile phones are one of the most common things nowadays. What’s also common is fast draining battery life in mobile phones. To get rid of such problem, use of powerbank is growing. People carry them to outings, meetings and anywhere they travel. And in country like ours where loadshedding is common, powerbanks have proved to be a must have accessory. Due to its higher demand, there is availability of powerbanks of different company in the market. And all those companies advertise their product as the most efficient one which may lead consumers into doubt and confusion. What type of powerbanks should you look out for? Make sure to keep these things in mind before buying one for yourself:

  • Make sure the capacity of powerbank at least matches with capacity of your mobile phone battery. It is better if you choose powerbanks with at least twice or thrice the strength of your mobile battery.
    Do not buy 2600mah cheap powerbank as the cheap AA size rechargeable battery it uses neither can charge your mobile to full capacity, nor they are durable.
  • Take note of output voltage powerbank provides. Output voltage that is more than required for your smartphone may harm your mobile phone’s battery. Trustworthy powerbanks provide information about its output voltage through a label in the product itself or its website or through manual; so make sure to buy powerbank with such information provided.
  • Powerbanks with dual port output feature is best to charge mobile and tablets simultaneously. Mobile phones should generally be charged through 1A output and tablets through 2A output. Although there is no harm in charging your mobile through 2A output which can recharge phone’s battery in less time.
  • Powerbank with LED indicator is helpful to detect powerbank’s remaining capacity so make sure to buy one with this feature available. Check how the led indicator works and if it shows full capacity status.
  • Inquire about the battery used in powerbank you are going to buy. Li-ion batteries are cheap and comparitively provide less charge than Li-polymer batteries. Li-polymer batteries are durable and more expensive.
  • Solar powerbanks may sound attractive and useful but most of the “Solar powerbanks” available in Nepali market doesn’t charge through solar power. So better not buy one with solar charging feature.
  • Basic feautures of Genuine and good quality powerbanks are Short circuit and over charging protection. This feature is available on almost all powerbanks.
  • Another thing you must see before buying a powerbank is its portability. The large volume of powerbank doesn’t necessarily mean that it can charge your mobile more number of times than the slimmer ones so you can always look out for portability.