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Where good ideas come from?

For quite some time, I’ve been regularly following TED talks over the internet and have been frequently listening to the revealing ideas and experiences of the inspiring people from peoples all over the world, as it helped me to get over my stress and keep me motivated. Over the period, I got this really great opportunity to listen to a captivating speech on a topic – ‘Where good ideas come from’, by Steven Johnson, a popular American author, and a media therapist. The question itself was fascinating. It’s a kind of question we all are intrinsically interested ...

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Things you need to know before buying a powerbank : Buy Powerbanks in Nepal.

Deependra's Blog!

Mobile phones are one of the most common things nowadays. What’s also common is fast draining battery life in mobile phones. To get rid of such problem, use of powerbank is growing. People carry them to outings, meetings and anywhere they travel. And in country like ours where loadshedding is common, powerbanks have proved to be a must have accessory. Due to its higher demand, there is availability of powerbanks of different company in the market. And all those companies advertise their product as the most efficient one which may lead consumers into doubt and confusion. What type of powe...

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Social Turning Point

By Denis Pombriant

Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn for more than US$26 billion has created quite a stir -- at least in my world. According to Ross Mayfield, a colleague at the Enterprise Irregulars, Ellen Levy reported that the deal can boast a number of superlatives if you look at it right: the largest sale of a consumer Internet company in history; the largest sale of an enterprise software/cloud company in history; the third-largest sale of a technology company since 2001; and the largest acquisition ever made by Microsoft. What's interesting to me is how poorly the...

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